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Designed and built by industry veterans with more than 20 years of combined experience in the debt collection & portfolio management industry. S Collect is built to make you, your clients, and your investors more money.

Features Include:

Easily Load and Manage accounts throughout the full life of the account

S Collect is packed with an easy to use and well thought out feature set to help you manage your entire flow of business. We have taken the time to build the best tools for any type of Accounts receivable management company. Collection agencies love how easy S Collect is for their collection representatives to use but also with the control they have over what's being worked when and how. Debt Purchasers love how easy it is to send, and update information from 3rd parties to keep to keep their data clean.

Integrations Galore

At Smax technologies, we understand how important tight integration with multiple available services and vendors can be key to the success of your operation. To date we have already completed integrations with almost all VOIP SIP phone providers, integrations and tools to make working with services like, Accurint, TLO, and IDI easier and more beneficial and have also made working with third-party dialers like Arbeit Click and Dial a breeze.

Secure database system and 248bit encryption for compliance needs

Don't worry we have your data secure! S Collect uses top database and modern programming languages to make sure your data is your data. With our custom hosting plans you can can also take care of cheap secure cloud hosting to make sure your data is always there where ever you need it and consistently backed up, just incase.

Manage Payments, Lettering, Document signing, complaints and payroll all in one place

S Collect provides a full feature set to allow you to manage everything about your company in one solution. No more need for tedious manual entry of payments into your merchant, paying admin staff to manually fill out letter templates and attach to emails, and no more need to worry about keeping your payroll and compliance documents and needs in check.

Smart tools to make reporting a breeze.

We've taken to time to make custom reporting something that you can create without a computer science degree and eliminate the need for costly custom programming endeavors just to get a specific output format for a remit report or productivity report. Save and recall any past report you've built is as simple as two clicks and we have worked with multiple Debt Buyers and original creditors so that reporting packs are already set up for you when on-boarded.

Additional add on options

Want to add additional options to your S Collect software? You can add: Disconnect Number Scrub, Cell Phone Vs Home Phone Scrub, Custom Report Programming, Custom Integrations, Custom Features, and more!

Price Plans

Starting at $50.00

per user, per month.

Main Features

  • Desk management
  • Speed of access
  • Availability of information
  • Information at a click of a button
  • Built-in time clock
  • Control Everything
  • See everything your agents are doing


  • Tracks time on each account
  • Tracks how agents move through accounts
  • Shuffles accounts automatically
  • Decreases time spent on each account by simplifying the process


  • Reporting for EVERYTHING
    • Company View
    • Collector View
    • Portfolio View
    • Client View
    • Cost Vs Expenses
    • Time Clock
    • Payments
    • Productivity
    • Costs per seat

Payment Management

  • Integration of payment providers for one click processing for both ACH and Credit Card\Debit
  • Move and mange where payments are credited and how they are credited
  • Split payment credit between agents but not for clients

Inventory Management

  • Extremely fast loading of accounts (10,000 accounts in less then 30 seconds)
  • Manage inventory for purchases, clients, agents and portfolios
  • Upload and track 3rd party payments
  • Easily process recalls and returns, reconciliations and client reporting
  • Process pif sif and payment reports

Personal Management

  • Time clock integration
  • Extended employee options
  • Privileges per employee for features
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Features Coming Soon:

SMAX Technologies Documents

Documents provides and easy document management system for you to stay on top of original documents needed for validation of debt, legal outsourcing, or for any other reason. Keep copies of all of your generated letters or every report thats sent all in one easy to use place.

SMAX Online Payment Negotiators

Allow your website to do your collections work 24/7/365. Set settlement and payment restrictions by portfolio or even by account and let your website negotiate with customers while you sleep.

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